Are you looking for a visualisation of your building, house or flat?

While 3D visualisation isn’t yet the standard way of presenting a product, there’s a clear trend for using renderings in the world of real estate. Animations and 3D visualisations are especially popular for real estate developments where sale begins before the building commences. They are usually a key factor in the success of the developments.
Renderings play a great role in imagining how the shell of the building will look once it’s been fully constructed. Animations and visualisations work wonders.
It’s important to closely adhere to the architect’s specifications in order to guarantee a detailed and realistic reproduction of the building.
It’s now hard to imagine the world of real estate without visualisations and the use of them continues to be on the rise. However, the prices for exterior views and interior views continue to be set at a really high level. Pixico makes it possible for developers to visualise their real estate at affordable prices. Even Joe Bloggs will be able to afford a visualisation of his future dream house!

Examples of our architecture visualisation

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