PIXICO - The 3D Agency

About Us

Through our own experience in commerce we learned that the key to a successful sale is how well the product is presented to the customer. As well as providing images of the product, many sellers provide videos, 360 degree views, colour generators and live images.

This sort of standard is the norm nowadays.

However, who can afford to pay for extravagant photo shoots that perfectly capture the essence of the product you’re trying to sell? When selling furniture you really need to capture that feel-good atmosphere, with electrical goods it’s the attention to detail that’s important.

Well, we realised we couldn’t afford it. A few years ago, our CTO Nick, began to create product visualisations (commonly known as 3D images) for us.

We also called up graphics agencies to enlist their services, because we needed so many photos. We soon realised that these agencies were almost as expensive as a photo shooting!

‘You've got to be joking!’ we thought…. and that’s how Pixico was born!

We want every retailer to be able to have strong and emotion stirring images for their business. We want these to be available at a fair price – a price that every seller can afford.

Just because our competitor’s prices are extortionate and we only charge a fraction of the price, this doesn’t mean that our visualisations are poorer quality.

Try us out! You've nothing to lose. If you tell us that you don't like the images we'll issue you with a full refund.

We're looking forward to working with you!


Our Services

What we do well....

3D Product Visualisation

We create a virtual 3D model from the information you send us, where every conceivable angle, colour combination and variation is depicted,

Realistic Scenes

Let us set the scene. We'll place your product against a realistic, virtual background. Anything is possible.

Animation, video and live photos

We can also create animations of the functions of your product and show what it can actually do. Send us an email or call us for more information.

Dimensions Sketches

We're able to produce sketches of your product that display its measurements.

Colour variations

We can present your product in various colours and materials. Just let us know what you require and we'll make it happen.

360° Views

We can create a sequence of images from the 3D model to present a 360 degree view of your product.